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Faster, Clearer Results, More Options, Convenient Palette
Batch Replacements, Saved Searches, Regular Expressions
Replace Attribute Tags and Prompts
Lisp &  .NET API, Command-line

a Tool Palette that doesn't get in your way
Find Whenever You Want

The convenient Palette is here when You need it and out of your way when you don't. Forget the frustrations of opening-closing-opening-closing-opening...a window when you need to copy some text, select a few more things, check something, or just scroll a little.

See those Results in Glorious Color?
Could the Findings and Replacements be any clearer?
Double-click a result to zoom in for a closer look.

The Search Settings toggle away if you want to clear the clutter for a little while.

While we're looking, see how fast it is
(look just above the Results list in Messages and Warnings). This is an early prototype that CADbloke is using every day. Yes, it took less than one second to find all of those things and show you their replacements. Notice the scroll bar?
There are 1599 results there in that list from 45,265 items searched - in less than one second.

What we don't see here (it's behind the scenes) are the APIs for .NET and Lisp. You can also include searches in your scripts - batches of searches through batches of drawings (batches of drawings is coming in Version 2). Everything you can do in the Palette you can also do in a script. Those batch searches can use searches you have saved. Who knows, A later version may even write Lisp commands for you. If you want it, ask for it.

Not a programmer? No worries, make lists of searches, save, recall and edit them, even assign a command name to them.  You could even run lists of searches on lists of drawings, no programming required.

There are Command-Line commands you can use in scripts, or if you are still as addicted to the keyboard as I am you can run your searches from there. You can even make new commands using the API - I have one that runs 53 different searches all at once to tidy-up various things that niggle me. You may not be that pedantic but you can be.

This is the AutoCAD® version - if you want to have it in BricsCAD®, IntelliCAD®,NanoCAD® or any other CAD then let me know - I am building this for All of Us.

Wildcards - just as you want
Find However You Want

Wildcards are not All or Nothing, you can pick and choose your way, your wildcards, your settings. Don't panic if you forget what things do what, there are plenty of pop-up hints and help at your fingertips to guide you on your way. Did you even know there was a . wildcard? Did you know * is lazy? That's why you now have the ** option - sometimes you just need to be greedy. 

Choose EXACTLY what you want to Replace
Find Whatever You Want

Yes, You do see Attribute Tags and Prompts in that List. Version 2 will replace them inside blocks too while keeping their original values (usually ATTSYNC will reset the values of modified attributes to their default if you don't modify it with BATTMAN).

Those enticing grayed-out options you see, they are coming in Version 2. Want to know more? Want more options? Want something like Find and Select, use a search to select specific things for your next search?  Just ask...

See EXACTLY what you have Found and Replaced
Find What You just Found

See exactly what you found, what type of object it is, and what the Replacement will be. You can easily sort by any of the columns. From this list You can zoom to any result, selectively Replace any number of results, selectively revert any to Before if you don't like the change.

What about results for Batch Replacements? I'm glad You asked, those results will be in Excel. If you see anything you want to undo then you can undo it. That's coming in Version 2.​

Regex is another league of text manipulation
The Power of Regular Expressions

Nothing is more powerful for manipulating text than Regular Expressions. If you don't know Regular Expressions then...I kind-of envy you...but take my word for it, it is awesome.

Or, you can safely ignore it for now if you don't want to go down that rabbit hole. You don't need to know it.

Oh, No, you're not going mad - the Search Settings section toggles away so you can focus on Your Results, I just clicked it before I took this nice and compact screenshot.

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